Crash Fever MOD ( High Damage )


The latest apk update this time with the category Puzzle titled Crash Fever, you can download on the link below, may be useful for you.

Revolutionizes to the bead elimination game! Destroy the wind color beads to eliminate RPG strikes
The name is also full of destruction style! Popular RPG “Crash Fever”
Feel the most relaxed and familiar peak RPG (role-playing game) experience!
More than 9 million color bead elimination games downloaded worldwide!

◇ Recommended for the following types of players◇
• Just love RPG
• Like to play color beads elimination game
• I want to eliminate the enjoyment of RPG through the color beads.
• Want to experience Crash Fever’s unique RPG world
• I want to eliminate the game feelings through the color beads.
• Looking for a free color bead elimination game with a refreshing touch
• I want to play the color beads in the space of doing housework or reading to eliminate the game and reinvigorate the spirit.
• Want to experience easy and simple refreshing color beads to eliminate RPG
• I like to play games like color beads to eliminate games and brains.
• Role playing + color beads eliminate 2 kinds of want to play
• Want to play RPG on a smart phone
• Like to cultivate cute characters
• I want to play with different players through cooperative play.

◇Crash Fever’s special features◇
(1) You can get a “cool” experience by tapping the color beads!
In Crash Fever, you can experience the best “sweetness” with a simple touch. Through a variety of systems, the “sweetness” is greatly enhanced, including the color-bead elimination game that is continually smashed by a single click, the super-extra Crash skills of the animation, and the Fever that reverses the situation!

(2) Positive style design with the theme of “imaginary world”
The background of Crash Fever’s story is an imaginary world. The pure white background with rounded art design is full of countless wonderful expressions that focus on the immersion and floating. The overall image creates an imaginary world that is unprecedented and bright and positive, bringing a higher and more “sweet”! !

(3) 4 people work together to be more refreshing!
If you log in with your partner, you can have up to 4 people to play at the same time. While adventurous, communicate and discuss, see where to destroy the color beads first, or when to use Fever, the fun multiply 4 times, and the refreshing mood is also enlarged 4 times! !



1. High Damage.
2. God Mode.
3. ARM devices only; x86 (intel) devices are not supported.​

File Size APK MOD : 80 MB